ESP Painting, Inc. has served the people of the Portland Metro area since 1996. For your information, view our business and contractor’s license, as well as our safety credentials. Our crews follow all guidelines set by DHS and OSHA, and we’re trained to work on homes that contain lead paint.

Lead Paint Certifications

Rodriguez, Jose Manuel Lead certificate
Quintanilla Padilla, Marvin I LEAD certificate
Mendez Reyes, Edgar LEAD certificate
Lopez Mendoza, Fermin LEAD certificate
Lead Paint Certifications

Contractor’s Licenses

CCB License
Metro City License

Certificate of Liability Insurance

Business Insurance Certificate
Workers Compensation Certificate Of Coverage

ESP Painting, Inc. is a painting company that’s committed to excellence. Explore our countless licenses, credentials, and awards to learn more about why we’re qualified for your project.

Our painters in Beaverton follow all DHS and OSHA guidelines, putting an emphasis on safe and effective work. In addition, we train each painter to safely handle lead paint, letting us work on older homes.

Since 1996, our experts have provided clients with high-quality service. Reach out to us to ask about our licenses, credentials, and awards or to request assistance from a top painting contractor in Beaverton.