How I Got Started

I grew up in a contractor’s home. When I was a child, my mother begged my father to take me to work, so he put me in the truck and away we went. After many years of watching him work, helping haul debris or wood, frame a new wall or build a deck, I began to appreciate work. I didn’t realize it until later in life but my father had shown me how to work hard, be honest, and own your mistakes.

When I was 14, my grandfather put a paintbrush in my hand and told me to paint his house. (Quite frankly, he did this to keep me out of trouble and teach me the value of hard work.) That summer my grandfather showed me it was possible to complete large projects if you break into manageable pieces. I earned more than money that summer!

While pursuing my college degree in Business Management, I painted on weekends and during the summers for various companies. At the time, I thought painting was something I was doing to get through school. My desire was to use my business degree to find a “good job”. However, I quickly realized I could use my degree to turn my passion into my perfect career.

Jeff Sommers
ESP Painting Promise

During my last year at school I met Carrie; we quickly fell in love and were married in July of 1995. We were really young, completely broke but determined! I graduated in December of 1996, excited and ready to tackle the world. We decided to have our first child 3 days later!

Now with a lovely wife, child and college degree I thought life would be complete by adding our own business, so ESP Painting was born in March of 1996.

Today, I enjoy surprising my customers with our painting performance, going above the standard, and ensuring high-quality work. In fact, ESP Painting’s mission statement is: “To exceed customer expectations through our craftsmanship, knowledge, and attention to detail.”

I’ve grown my company from one paintbrush and ladder to employing amazing painters. Now, years later, after too many paintbrushes and rollers to count, and enough ladders to fill most garages, I sometimes have to pinch myself about our success. I’m still passionate about painting and improving the look and, ultimately, the value of people’s property.

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