Interior painting beautifies and protects your work and living spaces. A splash of color can change the mood of the room as well as improve the light reflection in a room. We want to help make your ideal vision for your home’s colors and styles into a reality. Choose from a wide variety of washable paints in all sheens—from high-gloss, to satin or eggshell, all the way down to a matte finish. Typically we recommend refreshing walls and other surfaces with a new coat of paint every six to eight years to keep your home looking its best.

Interior painting projects can be difficult to price due to the factors that determine the cost: the type of surfaces being painted, the heights and access to the areas, the colors and qualities of paints used. Because there are so many variables, it’s tough to give an exact quote over the phone. We always recommend doing an on-site visit so we can give you the most accurate pricing.

Average Interior Paint Quotes

To give you an idea of our prices, check out the following ballpark figures for some typical interior painting projects.

Bedroom 11’ x 10’ with 9’ ceilings

2 coats of good quality paints, minor wall repairs, masking and cleanup

Walls: $375 to $450
Ceilings: $95 to $125

*Walls as shown in picture $425. Ceiling as shown $110. 2 coats of paint.

Stairway, 2 Story, Lower and Upper Hallways

2 coats of good quality paints, minor wall repairs, masking and cleanup

Walls: $1400 to $2100
Ceilings: $750 to $1200
Stair railing (paint spindles and skirting 2 coats of paint, apply stain and clear on new railing):  $4500 to $5500

*Walls as shown $1850 *Ceiling as shown $1000 *Stair railing as shown $5950

Painted Woodwork

Sanding, masking, R&R blinds and hardware, spraying and/or brushing and rolling 2 coats of enamel, cleanup

Standard window frame: $150 to $200

Door & frame: $150-$300/each

Baseboards: $125+ (depending on size of room)

*Window frames as shown $150 each *Door & frame as shown: $225

Kitchen Cabinets

Includes primer, sanding, painting cabinet bases, both sides of doors, drawer fronts, and reassembly

Price ranges from $4,000 and up.
*Kitchen cabinets in picture as shown $7000