Exterior Painting Tips

April 13, 2021

Tips on Choosing an Accent Color for Your Exterior

Choosing your exterior paint colors is an important decision. It has an impact on your home’s curb appeal, and you will want to live with it […]
May 17, 2018

Does Staining Really Extend the Life of Wood?

When you ask a question such as the one posed in the title, it’s important to start with another question or perhaps to set a goal: […]
January 27, 2017

Do You Know Who Is Working In Your Home?

When you hire a contractor, do you know who will be actually doing the work in your home? Does the contractor? It’s important to ask and […]
December 29, 2016

Perks of Hiring a Professional Painting Company

Many homeowners debate with themselves whether they should take on a do-it-yourself home interior painting project or if they should hire a licensed painting contractor to […]
December 19, 2016

How Many Estimates Should I Get?

November 18, 2016

What Should I Do With Old Paint?

How many of us have old paint cans stored in the garage? Maybe your home is new and the builder left the original paints. Or perhaps […]
November 16, 2016

What Does a Paint Warranty Cover?

Do you know what a paint warranty covers? When you are shopping for paint, you will likely notice a range of prices and manufacturer warranties. Some […]
October 28, 2016

How Long Should My Exterior Paint Last?

Ever wonder how some homes seem to always look freshly painted while others need a new paint job every few years? How long your exterior paint […]
September 14, 2016

How to Know if Your Caulking is Bad

  What is caulking? Caulking is the material that seals around our windows, doors and between boards on corners, and in the middle of walls. There […]
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